Christmas Unwrapped

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Christmas Unwrapped

As you can imagine this Year was a bit different.

We couldn’t be in schools to present our regular Christmas Unwrapped assemblies. It was sad that we couldn’t reach the hundreds of pupils that we annually meet with, to create and fun and exciting environment, where we teach the true meaning of christmas.

We did however host an online advent series on our social media platforms. We put together a series of videos and daily reflections for supporters to follow and share. (You can see a few examples of this series in this post)

Despite the set back with our Christmas program are excited to host our Easter Cracked series of assemblies this spring.  We will be pre recording this to show students across the 120+ schools that we work with in Milton Keynes.

As part of this we will also be hosting our Walk to School Fundraiser to help us with costs associated with the transition to a digital model of teaching. You can head to our Giving Page to see more about supporting us.