Do Mice Eat Pizza?!?

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Do Mice Eat Pizza?!?

zoom mouse schoolIt seems they do – and Rachel’s quite partial to it too!

After our last morning of visiting primary schools today, we collected 6 large pizzas…so that 8 hungry mice, 3 youth leaders and 3 staff could enjoy a celebratory lunch at the end of this year’s M.O.U.S.E. transition project, before heading off to the woods for fun and games.   There were 12 Mice on this year’s team (not all could make it to the lunch, sadly), together with 7 youth leaders and, of course, the Bridgebuilder staff.

We have visited 48 primary schools to deliver a lively and interactive hour long session (Changes, Challenges & Choices, based on the parable of the wise and  foolish builders) to 2,305 Yr 6 students.  A total of 26 churches have paid for It’s Your Move books (one per Yr 6 child) at their local school(s).


It’s been a fantastic 2.5 weeks, and we are grateful to God for how he has provided, once again, some wonderful young people to be the M.O.U.S.E. Team.  It has been a privilege to visit our local schools, and we are thankful to them for supporting this project.

Here is what some of the teachers have said this year:

Well done guys – yet again an excellent and fun presentation.

All children of all abilities/behaviours were engaged and enthusiastic.

Great conduct – professional and interesting – loved the t-shirts!

We enjoyed the drama – simple story with important message.

It was, as always, spot on!  Thank you again for your work with us.