Easter Cracked Competition

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Easter Cracked Competition

Every year we host some competitions for all of the pupils involved in our Easter Cracked series of assemblies. There are two competitions this year to get involved with…

Competition #1

We would like to invite you to create your very own Easter Poem! Using the information learned from The Easter Cracked Assembly and booklet use your imagination to create a poem.

The two winners of this years competition will have their poem featured in next years booklet and receive a small prize.

Closing Date: 16th April 2021
Entrees to be emailed to office@mkbt.org 

Here’s some extracts from last year’s winners. You can see the full poems in our Easter Cracked booklets that accompany our video assembly.

“The blood ran down
and he felt sore,
then the soldiers
whipped some more.

As I saw the king
walk slowly past.
The Special king,
the first
the last.

Extract from
The Day He Died
by Sarah Lyttleton (11)

“Trudging up the steep
hill in agony.
Collapsing in pain,
sweat weeping our,
transforming to blood.

Soon he is up
ready to be killed
being stripped and
hung up high”

Extract from
The Man Born to be King
by Amy Cannell (11)

Competition #2
How Many Eggs?

Our second competition is to challenge you to guess how many mini eggs are in this jar.

Send your guesses into us at Bridgebuilder to be in with a chance to win the jar of mini eggs for yourself!

Closing Date: 16th April 2021
Entrees to be emailed to office@mkbt.org

(You can download the picture using this button)