Carol Wheatle

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Carol Wheatle

Team Leader & Schools Worker 

Carol is lively and has a great sense of humour. She has a passion for children and young people and has worked in a variety of setting and has experience leading youth activities in which she engages pro-actively and positively with children and young people. She is open in her communication and fair in her responses.

She delivers schools work in a open and engaging manner predominately in secondary schools and in some primary schools delivering assemblies RE lessons and various other projects.

She has actively participated with setting up youth-club, and running youth residential.

Carol comes from a education medical and pastoral background.

Having spent  the last 20 years working in a local Catholic girls’ school, Carol is embracing this new and exciting challenge as a fantastic opportunity to work in a more varied way within secondary and primary schools in Milton Keynes.  Her Diploma in The Child and Education enabled her to work within the education system; she was part of the school’s pastoral team in her previous post and was an active member of the chaplaincy team heading up staff retreats and prayers.

Carol is regularly involved in children’s and youth work within her local church, and she is also involved in summer holiday clubs, youth clubs and residential projects within the community.

She is a trained counsellor, which allows her to support and encourage children, young people and adults emotionally.  Carol loves Zumba, cooking and reading. She is resourceful and enjoy connecting people to achieve goals and looks forward to leading the team at MKBT. As Team Leader Carol will support the ongoing work of the team by co creating a wider range of ways in which children and young people can have the opportunity to explore their faith in a safe environment.

Carol has a strong Christian faith  and recently became a minister within her local church. She values the bridges between MKBT and the local churches and wishes to see this connection grow stronger.

She joined the Bridgebuilder team in September 2018 and hopes to bring a sense of fun to the office and to her work with children and young people.