Looking for a quiet place to pray…how about Zambia?!

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Looking for a quiet place to pray…how about Zambia?!

Bridgebuilder Prayer Spaces recently travelled to Zambia with MK teacher Lucy Brown.

Lucy, a teacher from Two Mile Ash, is working as a volunteer teacher in Amano Christian School near Chingola.

Having enjoyed and appreciated the Bridgebuilder assemblies at Two Mile Ash, Lucy asked if she could use some of our resources during her 8 month stay abroad.

Bridgebuilder are delighted to support this great work and see children having opportunities to engage with God so we gladly gave her copies of our resources.


We’ve got two sets of prayer spaces, ‘Freedom’ for use with children and young people, and ‘The Lords Prayer’ for use with adults and older young people, each has a set of stations with activities to help participants reflect.

Could you use this resource and host Prayers Spaces in your church for your local school?

Why not get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.