Support for schools

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Support for schools

We hope that you are well and adjusting to this challenging time. We wanted to let you know that we are here to support you, your staff and pupils.

Rachel has stepped up to the mark and is continuing to help assemblies to be delivered straight to your schools in support of her Grace Church MK and Bridgebuilder.


These assemblies will give parents and children chance to come together to and think about ourselves, our values and our beliefs. We are delighted to share with you these very special ‘E-Assemblies’  which Rachel  has prepared for us to enjoy and reflect with.

As you know our assemblies are invitational to all and inclusive for children and adults of all faiths and none. We encourage you to sit calmly, relax and listen to the messages and thoughts given.








Click on the links to get started as you enjoy assemblies in the comfort of your home.

Made to be me: Primary Assembly.    Secondary Assembly

The marshmallow test: Primary Assembly     Secondary Assembly:

Dealing with difficulties.   Primary Assembly:    Secondary Assembly:        

Surfing through the storm:    Primary Assembly    Secondary Assembly

Easter: Primary Assembly      Secondary Assembly

Talking with God:  Primary Assembly      Secondary Assembly

An assembly for the staff: Staff assembly

Parents And Student Corner - Attention Parents Clip Art ...



Hello parents

Here are some tips that you can use to assist your child/children in dealing with anxiety about the coronavirus.

  1. Listen to your child’s fears and do not dismiss them.  Also, keep your own anxiety in check.
  2. Help your child understand the facts rather than rumours about the virus.
  3. Focus on what we can control, practice social distancing, washing hands etc.
  4. Respond with empathy, you may say, “I know you are worried. The good news is there are ways we can help make things better”.
  5. Find out how your child is feeling and process such feelings.
  6. Give your child skills to help them cope: exercise together, drink plenty of water regularly, watch movies, play games, talk with friends and family members using video calls and text messages.

please see the link below for additional information.

Helping Kids Who are Worried About Coronavirus |

Audible have announced that they are making hundreds of children audio books available free to listen to during the coronavirus pandemic start listening

By clicking on this link you will be taken to Scholastic Classroom Magazines who are offering free resources for school closures.

Scholastic Learn at Home

The Track - About Scripture UnionOur mission partner Scripture Union have come up with some great resources for engaging with children and young people. click lockdown  and away you go.

Staff Meeting 10/4/17 - Lessons - Tes Teach

We trust that you and your family are keeping safe during this time. I just wanted to encourage you through this time of change and uncertainty. What you are doing in this time MATTERS. There are pupils in your class  or year group who will look back on this time and be very thankful for your influence and the help you gave them during this challenging time.

You are making a difference. There are students who are learning, growing and who are grateful even if they don’t say it. God sees your effort, your labour, your frustrations, anxieties and fears. He sees you and He does not take you for granted. When no one else seems to notice or care, He cares. He sees you as His special Frontliners helping to give some sense of normality to pupils.


Useful Websites:

IMG_0325.jpgMind Free Wills Month | Mind, the mental health charity - help for ...


Here is a signpost for young people or their parents/guardians to website and social media pages for information, advice and guidance on supporting their own or someone’s mental wellbeing. There is regularly updated infomation including options to talk to someone straight away (including a helpline for parents) to make sure the information is up to date and accurate.

Chat with us on Messenger at

We Can Fight Back

Members of the public can help fight coronavirus (COVID-19) by staying in their homes, following hand washing advice, and keeping their distance if they have to go out. People should only leave their home when they absolutely have to, such as those delivering essential services or shopping for necessities, or going to the pharmacies and chemist, a full list essential places can be found on the government website.
There are steps that each and every one of us can take to fight back against COVID-19.

People should:

If we all do this action we can:

  • slow the spread of the virus
  • help our health service to deal with this crisis
  • protect our health workers
  • reduce the number of people getting sick or dying

1 Corinthians 15:58 bible wall decal | Divine Walls  Don’t give up, be encouraged. We salute all the staff that work in schools for the marvellous job that you do with our children and young people thank you!

We look forward to continue being of support to your school and students.

With all our best wishes to you, your families and those closest to you.