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Our work at MKBT reaches out to the lives of over 33,000 children and young people in and around Milton Keynes every year. This work is only possible with the help and support of our volunteers. We are so grateful for the commitment and hard work of all our volunteers in whatever their role may be.

If you have some spare time and a desire to work with children or young people, to have a positive impact upon their lives, MKBT would love to hear from you.

There are many ways to be involved with us and your local schools whether through assemblies, RE lessons or projects for example. We aim to support anyone able and willing to commit to serving schools in some way. There are also many other ways to help schools other than assemblies etc. such as in the area of administration.

Here’s a brief description of various roles below. Please contact Carol or Ellie in our office for more information on these. – 01908 270670 / office@mkbt.org.uk


What they do: Learn an engaging script and story to present to children and young people in schools. 

Time required: A minimum of one assembly per week approximately 1  hour either morning or afternoon during term time.

RE Lessons

What they do: RE lessons vary from school to school and can be from just one lesson to two lessons per morning/afternoon session. The RE lessons can be on a range of different subjects from believing to peer pressure, from poverty to the Bible.

Time required: This is varied depending on the schools requirements. On average one session will be approximately 1 hour either in the morning morning or afternoon during term time.


What they do: Use pre-prepared materials to present a simple drama to communicate a Bible story (Christmas and Easter Cracked). Other project we run would involve using pre-written workshops and resources. These, like the RE lessons are delivered on a number of different topics, i.e War and Religion, Intolerance, Emotional Well-being. Within our projects we also run our reflective/prayer spaces. Perhaps one of our biggest projects you could get involved with is Hope MK. Each year it takes a lot of people to make Hope MK happen. From adult leading teams, adults in support roles, churches/organisations or individual hosting projects and young leaders.

Time required: This is very much varied as some projects run for 1 hour whereas others could be a whole day workshop. Some workshops, prayer spaces for example could simply need setting up and taking down – depending on the schools needs. Hope MK currently runs for 4 days but depending on your contribution you would be welcomed but not necessarily required for the full time.


What they do: We work closely with the schools to deliver a Christian Union lunch club. This give the pupils a chance to explore their faith in a casual, non-threatening environment.

Time required: minimum of 1 hour per week at lunch times during term time.